About us

We offer our players online boxing tournaments based on professional boxing rules. Thousands of Tournaments every day that get together our players on a competitive gaming ring and compete for amazing prizes. All you need is just register on our site, download the game and you are ready to start! 3 weights categories, several characters and 10 boxing ring are available 24/7. Up to 20 players compete in every tournament. . The score is based on player’s actions. Every event is a fun experience. The strongest one wins the prize!

Real ambiance of boxing tournament with a superior graphics that transfer players to captivating boxing universe.

Nothing is more exciting than live tournaments. Up to 10 boxing rings available for each tournament. Our tournaments will deliver a one of a kind gaming entertainment for all participants. Our events promise to our participants a genuine endorphin rush. Motion-graphic production goes in tandem with dynamic sound effects and this makes it possible to transfer our boxers to imaginative universe.

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