Qualifying competition

02.06.2020 05:30

Now we are ready to announce that it is too early to stop and we are ready to move on. We are officially announcing that the tournaments will continue. The registration has begun.

The conditions for the championships will be improved so that no one has any doubts about honesty and transparency. Our main goal was to create tournaments where all pla yers are equal and have the same chances to win due to their sports qualities and the right strategy. Don''t miss your chance to become the champion of the Cyber Fight Chal lenge.

The number of participants in the tournaments is limited, so some of you will have to pass qualifying matches. First install Cyber Fight Challenge and register for the g ame. Send your application to cyberboxing.mls@gmail.com with your registration details (nickname, name, date of birth, weight class). All participants who have to qualify w ill be contacted by the matchmaker to set a date and time for qualifying fights. Players who have applied for one weight category to another cannot register.

Get experience with players of absolutely all levels, a sea of new acquaintances, a lot of new emotions. Prove that you are the best cyber boxer.

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