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The appearance of first boxing fights simulators took place in the mid of 80-s. One of the first simulators was conceived By Fair Means or Foul (later released as Pro Boxing Simulator). The differentiating feature of simulator was a large set of actions, including fair (punches, jabs, upper cuts) and unfair (headbutts, hits below the belt, foot sweeps, kicks) fighting technique, and also blocks and drops away.

The interactive boxing culminated in 2011 after the release of boxing simulator Fight Night Champion from EA Sports. The on-line competitions powered by the said simulator are considered up to now as the most distinctive in the interactive boxing history, there were also thousands of sportsmen from all round the world who participated in them. Today the franchise Fight Night has not seen its follow-up and the boxing fans have almost lost all hope for return of boxing to the top of the most popular sports simulators.

In 2019 the company Nordville Technology LTD created its first boxing simulator for PC – Cyber Fight Challenge. According to experts, the simulator has a huge potential for development and new audience capture, – gameplay can captivate the gamers by the fascinating boxing universe. The simulator allows to participate in competition in Sit & Go mode, to participate in on-line tournaments in real boxing ambiance.

The boxing newbies are proposed to follow the free comprehensive training and instruction. The gamers experience gives us the opportunity to play with real on-line gamers. Each user has his personal account where he can determine the boxers outer look, makes him unique and one-of-a-kind. Furthermore, the menu to create the own e-sports tournaments is available.

We wish success to CFC for promotion of its project. Relying upon the professionals’ recommendations and ensured by the interactive boxing fans support, they have all opportunities to revive the popularity of interactive boxing and enhance the development of а new field.<>

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