Dear friends! We hurry to congratulate the winners of the Second Open Competition

23.09.2020 15:30

Dear friends!

The Second Open Competition is finished.

We hurry to congratulate the winners!

The following athletes have scored the most points in the "CyberFight Challenge" Interactive Boxing Competiton, taking the prizes according to the weight category:

  • Cruiserweight - Sneersk
  • Super welterweight - PROBERTTTT33
  • Light heavyweight - KFantoman
  • Super middleweight - kXvolod88
  • Welterweight - lvxanrax
  • Featherweight - krWagnerRichard
  • Super featherweight - ATwvladimirgal
  • Super lightweight - cpfwhiper225
  • Super bantamweight - SoPzsivek

The winners are awarded with the title of "Winner of the Second Open Interactive Boxing Competition "CyberFight Challenge" and a champion belt in the category.

See the full list of participants and the number of points scored: Second_Open_Competition_result.pdf

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